Elon Musk is continuing to build his new political persona in the image of Donald Trump. Musk has made various unfounded claims about Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ alleged agenda to ruin his businesses. Now, Musk is promoting an article from Breitbart that claims Gates is using dark money to fund a boycott of Twitter.

Elon placed his purchase of the social media giant on hold after announcing that he didn’t trust Twitter’s numbers on how many actual humans were using the site. Musk believes that a much higher percentage than disclosed by Twitter are bots. The Tesla boss has now reacted to an article from hard-right propaganda outlet Breitbart that makes several dubious claims.

Breitbart was founded by Steve Bannon. He built the site as a mouthpiece for the type of authoritarian right-wing politics he frequently advocates for. Elon Musk, who previously claimed to be a political centrist, decided to announce that he was a hard-line Republican shortly before news broke that he allegedly sexually assaulted an airline worker.

According to the Breitbart piece, the Gates Foundation donated to 11 of the 26 signatories of an open letter pushing a boycott of Twitter if Musk were to acquire the company. There is no evidence that those donations had anything to do with a boycott. The Gates Foundation frequently donates to progressive causes.

Elon Musk has also accused Bill Gates of attempting to short Tesla stocks and kill the company. Gates has said that his short position on Tesla ended a long time ago. Musk is simply working to rally the troops.

The transformation of Elon Musk from hero fighting to save the planet to far-right conservative brings to mind that of former president Donald Trump. While Bannon is no longer with Breitbart, Musk’s association with the outlet has raised some eyebrows. Time will tell if Elon’s political ambitions continue to grow.

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Michael Perry

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