Alec Baldwin was all over the headlines last year when he killed Halyna Hutchins on set by accident. The actor recently blasted former NFL player Brendan Langley for fighting with a United Airlines employee. Baldwin’s comment however didn’t go well with the fans.

Baldwin received a lot of backlash on the internet after he commented on the viral video involving former NFL player Brendan Langley. In the video, Langley is seen interacting with United Airlines personnel at an airport when one of the employees approaches him and punches him in the face. Langley didn’t appear to be expecting to be hit, but he replied fast with a few blows at the man’s head.

The employee was thrown backwards over the ticket counter, and after the video went viral, people argued about who was at fault. Alec Baldwin also joined the debate to raise awareness about job safety. Without hesitation, social media shared Baldwin’s viewpoint and reacted with venom, with many encouraging him to sit this one out.

One fan wrote: “Alec Baldwin was hacked or drunk. Cuz ain’t no way he commenting on workplace safety. Ain’t no way.”

Another commented: “Alec Baldwin shouldn’t commenting on anything ESPECIALLY workplace violence!”

A third one chimed in: “Alec Baldwin should be humble as f-ck right now considering you just murdered that young lady with you’re recklessness. Running your mouth about the wrong sh-t”

A fourth one pointed out: “Alec Baldwin, you should have sat this one out. Workplace safety is not your area of expertise.”

Baldwin accidently shot and murdered Halyna Hutchins, the director of photography, while filming his picture Rust last year. Baldwin has been embroiled in a bitter legal battle as authorities try to figure out who is to blame: him or the film’s armorer, who is in charge of the prop weapons on set. Both the actor and the armorer have denied any involvement, adding to the tragedy of Hutchins’ death. Check out the backlash tweets below.

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