Tom Brady will be joining the Fox Sports team as an NFL analyst once he finally decides to hang up the cleats. The NFL legend briefly retired but decided he still had more to prove on the field. Brady will be handsomely rewarded when he steps into the new role.

Brady joined Charles Barkley, Shaq, and friends last night on Inside the NBA. Barkley is known to crack wise on the show. Fans can’t get enough of Sir Charles’ hot takes, insults, and jokes.

Barkley mentioned that Tom Brady had a few dollars coming his way with the new NFL deal. Tom shifted gears quickly, obviously uncomfortable with the topic. Brady shrugged off the topic almost completely.

“All in due time. I think you guys are doing just fine yourselves.”

Tom Brady is set to make $37.5 million per year as a part of the massive Fox Sports deal. Tony Romo signed with CBS for $20 million, which many thought was overkill. It’s no wonder Brady wants to shy away from the subject.

The big TV money will have to wait. For now, Tom Brady is the starting quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Time will tell how much longer Brady chooses to play, but once he is done, he will be cashing in big time.

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