The Ellen DeGeneres Show will air its final episode on May 26 after 19 seasons. The final Ellen shows were filmed nearly a month ago. The episode featured Oprah Winfrey and Mila Kunis as special guests, as well as some near-tear moments and, of course, a lot of dancing.

Before we say our goodbyes, Oprah Winfrey paid a visit to Ellen DeGeneres as one of her final guests. Oprah saw her long-running talk program end after 25 seasons in 2011. For her, saying goodbye to a talk show was all too familiar.

I got a little emotional backstage because I saw your entire staff is back there and I said to everybody, ‘I know what this feels like, with only a couple of days left. I guess I’m tearing up because seeing your staff actually triggered me for what it feels like when you have all of these people who become your family. This has been your home.

Backstage, Oprah praised the cast and crew for doing a wonderful job and making this program what it is for 19 years. As production and the performance come to an end, Ellen expressed her desire to remain present in this and feel everything. Ellen also expressed that she learned it from Oprah.

Oprah also told Ellen about the impact she made and how greatly she will be missed. Billie Eilish, Pink, and Jennifer Aniston, the show’s first visitor in 2003, are among the other guests on the final episode. Check out the YouTube video below.

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