Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have been together for six months or so. In their relationship timeline, Pete has faced many threats, mainly from Kim’s ex-husband Kanye West. This time Kim revealed that some more serious and scary threats to kill Pete have been made by a stalker.

According to Blast, a ‘stalker’ has threatened to kill her boyfriend Pete Davidson in one of the many scary letters she received. Kim is now asking for protection for her family. In the letters, the alleged man had several direct threats towards the ‘Saturday Night Live’ alum.

In the filing, Kardashian’s lawyer Shawn Holley laid out the specific threats made against Davidson. The Blast reported that the alleged stalker wrote, ‘Pete Must and Will Die this weekend and you next weekend’ in one of the letters. The letters also included death threats aimed at Kim too.

The death threats towards Pete are just an extension of the ones aimed at the SKIMS Founder. The threat is in the same tone as the bomb threat Kim received through the letters. Holly’s filing also claimed that the letter had a number of similarities between them and a written bomb threat sent to her business office.

A Los Angeles judge looked at the evidence provided and put a temporary restraining order against the alleged stalker in place. A hearing is set for June 13th for Kim to possibly receive a more permanent restraining order. While these legal issues have been working their way through court, Kim has been in Italy for her sister Kourtney’s third wedding ceremony.

It’s absolutely scary for anyone to receive death threats and even more for the celebs. The couple taking this situation seriously and getting the necessary protection is the right thing to do.

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