The Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James did not have a particularly successful season. Fans anticipated them to advance to the Western Conference Finals, but they ended up being the league’s worst disappointment. This is a team that had it all but squandered it, and now there are doubts about whether LeBron and his teammates can ever win another championship.

Although LeBron has stated that not making the playoffs has hurt him greatly, he is still making good use of his time off. He’s gone on family holidays and was most recently in New York City, where he looked dashing as usual. LeBron was indeed at a Jewish wedding, as you can see below, where he met Rabbi Pinto. Following the meeting, the Rabbi rushed to Twitter to express his delight at the chance to meet someone like LeBron James.

American basketball player James LeBron met last night with the Rebbe Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, the leader of Shuva Yisrael, and talked with him @KingJames length.

After failing to make the playoffs, the legendary basketball player has been spending more and more time on social media. LeBron James also recently made it clear he has no plans of retiring. Hopefully, King James feels better as he has a lot of things to look forward to in life.

The wedding was for the son of Jay Schottenstein, the owner of American Eagle, according to It was also revealed that LeBron had given to Rabbi Pinto’s Shuva Israel group in the past. Check out the tweets below.

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