Donda 2 was first released in February, but it was only available as part of Ye’s STEM Player. Despite its positive reception, the project was deemed ineligible for inclusion on the Billboard 200. Donda 2 will reportedly be released in its finalized form by Kanye West.

According to a press release, the album reveal will coincide with the release of Ye and XXXTENTACION’s upcoming collaboration, “True Love.” The song will appear on both Donda 2 and the late rapper’s upcoming posthumous project LOOK AT ME: THE ALBUM. The song “True Love” plays over the end credits of the upcoming Hulu documentary LOOK AT ME: XXXTENTACION.

XXXTENTACION had enthusiastically expressed his admiration for Ye on social media. The release of ‘True Love’ represents a full circle moment and another milestone in his unprecedented legacy.

LOOK AT ME: THE ALBUM is a complementary album for the film. XXXTENTACION’s handwritten notes, digitized from a notebook his mother had discovered, are included on the song’s cover art, which was made by Ye. Donda 2 and “True Love” are currently trending on Twitter as fans anticipate their release.

Previously, the STEM Player was deemed a product meaning its album couldn’t be counted as album sales. Donda 2 was left off the Billboard charts owing to bundling guidelines implemented by the company in 2020 after 6ix9ine attempted to manipulate the charts with merch bundles. According to Billboard, The STEM Player can be utilized for various purposes besides playing the music, making it merchandise.

We will have to see what Kanye West does next, but it seems that he has the power to continue tweaking Donda 2 however he likes thanks to the Stem player.

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