Bankroll Freddie’s legal drama began on April 14th, as he was passing through West Memphis, Arkansas. The rapper was driving in a Chevy Silverado with dealership plates when officers pulled him down. After being captured with an armory of firearms hidden in 21 pounds of weed, rapper Bankroll Freddie was released from jail and the FBI’s grasp.

Cops discovered a loaded Micro Draco AK-47 lookalike weapon under the front passenger’s seat. They also discovered a hidden bag beneath some clothing. A Polymer 80 9 Glock clone handgun with no serial number in the center console and $33,662 in cash was also found in there. Bankroll Freddie was put in a police car and taken to the Crittenden County Jail after some struggle.

The next day, the arresting officer discovered a “Glock switch” in the backseat of his car, which converts the weapon into a machine gun, where the rapper was sitting. Avery Levar Campbell, Bankroll Freddie’s bodyguard, stated during the hearing that the Draco found in the truck was his and had been left there from a prior trip.

Campbell also testified that the Polymer 9 mm belonged to Braxton Green, a member of Bankroll Freddie’s entourage who died in September 2021. Bankroll Freddie is a co-owner of a North Little Rock car dealership. Several people had access to the Chevy Silverado pickup, according to Campbell, and the pistols did not belong to Bankroll Freddie.

The rapper was charged with three counts. Bankroll Freddie wass accused of possessing marijuana with the purpose to distribute it, as well as possessing a machine gun and guns in the course of a narcotics trafficking offence. Count 3, the most serious charge, carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in jail.

Bankroll Freddie, real name Freddie D. Gladney III, appeared in court on May 18th with his attorney Rickey Hicks for a bond hearing. Despite having the guns, the court determined that Bankroll Freddie has no felony convictions and no history of violence, and thus poses no threat to the community.

Bankroll Freddie will be released into the custody of his bodyguard, Avery Lavar Campbell, with whom he will live, according to his documents obtained by AllHipHop. For Quality Control rapper Campbell is much more than a bodyguard. He is a youth pastor at Antioch Baptist Church and a US military veteran, having served two tours in Iraq and one tour in Afghanistan.

If Bankroll Freddie wants to be free, he must adhere to some rigorous guidelines. Bankroll Freddie must keep a severe curfew from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM, refrain from excessive drinking and marijuana use, and avoid mingling with offenders. The rapper is free to record and make videos in the studio.

However, Bankroll Freddie is not allowed to use any guns or illegal substances when making videos. The judge did, however, allow Bankroll Freddie to continue touring as long as it is at a legitimate performance venue. However, he is not permitted to join any after-parties. Check out the documents and videos below.

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