Flavor Flav is one of the original rappers in the hip-hop world as he has garnered a ton of love and respect from fans due to his work. Flav has done a lot in the industry and continues to make his mark one way or the other. However, he has a lot of money left to pay for child support.

The 63-year-old rapper has lived a very interesting and memorable life, full of ups and downs. As previously reported, Flavor Flav is the father of a 3-year-old son, which was revealed by a paternity test.

The rapper is making monthly child support payments for his 3-year-old son but still owes a lot for child support. According to TMZ, legal documentation revealed that Flavor Flav found out he was Jordan’s father back in 2019.

Flav and the baby’s mother, former manager Kate Gammell, agreed to child support. He pays $3,000 a month going forward and that is all fine. However, by the time he started paying, Jordan was already 2 years old, and Kate had incurred various expenses.

This includes medical, which she wanted Flav to pay. As part of the child support agreement, the rapper stated he would pay the baby’s expenses for the first 2 years, which amounts to $78,704. He was supposed to give it last month but did not.

The rapper said that he intends on paying the entire amount and is working with an accountant to straighten out his finances. In addition to his monthly child support, the rapper is paying her $100,000 in attorney’s fees. He has already paid $40k. It was added that Flavor Flav met up with Jordan 6 times and is building a relationship with the boy. We’ll keep you updated on this ongoing story.

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