Drake is a versatile rapper with his hands spread all over the business, music, and film industry. Drake’s demand is so tremendous in the industry that he will never go unsatisfied. However, this did not happen this time as Drake’s jet request resulted in the loss of the film role.

Machine Gun Kelly recently stated that Drake was almost cast in his new film “Good Mourning.” Kelly co-wrote, co-directed, and acts in the comedy, which contains a ‘Fake Drake’ doppelgänger. Drake was interested in playing the part, but their schedules clashed, according to the singer.

Machine Gun Kelly, the film’s producer spoke with Audacy Check In. Machine talked about the issue he had with Drake’s appearance on set. The Toronto rapper was offered another chance to appear in the film, but the budget couldn’t pay his travel expenses.

“Drake was initially going to be Drake in the movie, and the schedules kept (conflicting). Every day that Drake could actually do it, ’cause when you shoot a movie every day is planned, and so we had it where, ‘Oh, Drake could come this day, this is what it’s gonna be,’ and the house owner couldn’t let up their house for that night, and it had to be at this place because we were very like set on every location that we found.”

“The second time when Drake could do it, he was in Toronto, and he was like, ‘If you send a jet we can get there on time,’ and we were like, ‘Ahh, but this isn’t a Marvel movie budget.’ We would have to spend the whole movie budget on this jet.”

The blockbuster film has been released with a bang and has received positive reviews so far. Did you watch it? What are your thoughts on Drake’s absence from the film? Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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