Kim Kardashian became a billionaire last year, which did not necessarily surprise fans at all. Kim Kardashian’s collection of significant flexes continues to grow. According to reports, the mother of four now owns nearly four acres of land in her neighborhood.

According to the New York Post, the 41-year-old reality actress paid $6.3 million for the home next to her custom-built Hidden Hills Mansion. Rumors have it that she was willing to pay $800,000 more than the asking amount. According to the publication, the mother of four appears to be “[expanding] her already massive footprint in the neighborhood.”

She now owns four acres after adding this new home and buying out Kanye West’s part in their prior family home for $23 million. Speaking of Ye, it turns out that Kardashian’s recent acquisition is conveniently located between her mansion and the one he purchased down the street a few months ago, ostensibly to be closer to their joint children.

The new home has four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms and is 4,230 square feet. We wouldn’t be surprised if the house was demolished in favor of something more modern and aesthetically beautiful, like her current residence, based on photos taken of the interior. Check out more photos of Kim Kardashian’s new Hidden Hills house below.

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