Nick Cannon is the epitome of a hard worker and an entertainment business unicorn. The San Diego native works relentlessly, juggles many careers, hosts his own talk show, provides opportunities for everyone around him, and still finds time to be a father and loving partner to seven children and four baby moms. Nick recently shared his thoughts on the YSL indictment.

After attending an exclusive, private listening session for RAW & B, HotNewHipHop spoke with Cannon about his long-running multi-faceted career. They also asked how he balances his growing family, and his opinions on Young Thug and Gunna’s indictment. Nick Cannon finds the arrest of Young Thug, Gunna and other YSL ‘brothers’ to be heartbreaking.

Man, it’s heartbreaking. Those brothers, one thing we’ve seen of them is their love for their people and their love for their community. For someone to try to come after them because they feel like they’re “organized,” you know what I mean? That shows that the system isn’t designed for us. The system isn’t for us. Ultimately, the truth will prevail.

Nick revealed that the system isn’t designed for people of his community. He is rooting for the truth to prevail. Cannon is presently promoting the release of his new album RAW & B.

The album harkens back to the golden age of R&B’s nostalgic atmosphere. Rick Ross and 42 Dugg, as well as Chris Brown, Brandy, Ty Dolla $ign, K. Michelle, Jacquees, and even a Babyface record, make appearances on the album.

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