Roman Reigns vs The Rock is a match that a ton of wrestling fans want to see. Every year around WrestleMania season, rumors start to heat up. Thus far, Dwayne Johnson has not shown up, leaving many to wonder if the bout will ever happen.

A future WrestleMania showdown between Roman and The Rock was even teased on the NBC sitcom ‘Young Rock.’ With Johnson’s busy schedule, it has been hard to get him booked for WWE appearances. Still, there may not be a more highly anticipated matchup among the WWE Universe.

Paul Heyman recently talked about the potential dream match. Heyman said until a contract is signed, the match is strictly fantasy. If it does get done, Paul thinks the outcome will be clear.

“We can speculate all we want about Dwayne The Rock Johnson stepping into the ring with Roman Reigns. It’s masturbatory fantasies until there’s a piece of paper in front of us with Dwayne Johnson’s signature on. Then I know it’s real. And until then it’s just fantasy.


It’s a fantasy of Dwayne Johnson’s to come and get the rub from The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. It’s a fantasy of Dwayne Johnson to feel the energy of 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 thousand people live, cheering on as The Tribal Chief smashes The Rock. It’s a fantasy of Dwayne Johnson to step into the ring with the greatest of all time, Roman Reigns… then, now, and forever. Not until he puts his name on a contract, it’s just his fantasy.”

The Rock is currently working on several movie projects. He is also very busy with the revival of the XFL. Fans will have to continue to play the waiting game as this much-anticipated match could still be a long way off.

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