Nardwuar, the Internet’s most bombastic artist interviewer, chose City Girls for an interview at Coachella Music Festival. Young Miami and JT, the Miami rap duo, are preparing up for a hot summer ahead. They planned a new “party” and “cookout” hit with Usher set to drop soon and an autumn tour with Jack Harlow. The two have plenty to talk about, and that’s not going to change.

Nardwuar, who is recognized for his extensive research and unusual on-screen attitude and interviewing manner, was their first interviewee. Narduwar gave the rappers a variety of gifts, including Salt-N-Pepa Funko Pop dolls and a Trick Daddy vinyl record, in the video. These gifts brought back memories for City Girls, allowing them to reflect on how they got to this stage in their careers.

Nardwuar questioned the City Girls about Young Miami’s appearance in Trick Daddy’s “In Da Wind” music video. He also asked them about family members attending long-ago giggs. Nardwuar even asked about JT’s father having a studio in their home, and some of their influences like rapper Jacki-O.

The conversation took place in what appears to be one of the City Girls’ homes while they were performing at Coachella, complete with a gorgeous pool and blinding sun above them. Nardwuar’s enthusiasm was unaffected by the severe winds. The City Girls frequently repeated the most typical statement in a Nardwuar video: “How do you know that?” amid Narwuar’s surprise questions and research.

When the City Girls talked about collecting strippers’ money when they appeared on stage at clubs, it was one of the most memorable parts of the interview. They described the strippers as “mad as hell.” They even discussed their early hardships in the game, with Young Miami revealing that she had to bribe DJs $20 to get her tracks played.

Nardwuar asked at the end of the conversation whether they have any Canadian ties, and City Girls respond with “Drake.” Young Miami has even sent Drake a playful message: “Do you love me? Are you riding?” Nardwuar then presented JT with a Lil Uzi Vert bobblehead, a delightfully sweet finale that elicited a hilarious response from JT. Check out City Girls’ full interview with Nardwuar below.

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