Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for $50 million after she implied in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed that he assaulted her. Despite the fact that she did not name him, he argued that her allegations harmed his capacity to work. Amber Heard is also countersuing Depp for $100 million.

It was revealed that the spin doctor, David Shane, defending Amber Heard in her legal struggle with Johnny Depp has a history of DUI convictions and a reputation. He is facing his own PR crisis. Shane also made indecent remarks to a NY Post reporter, calling her “beautiful” and subsequently inviting her to meet him at his hotel before a scheduled interview.

Heard recently hired Shane Communications, a public relations firm, to handle her legal battle with ex-husband Depp, whom she accuses of being a boozed-up sexual abuser. David Shane, on the other hand, has a checkered past, including two DUI offences in California, where he was sentenced to two days in county prison and put into an alcohol treatment program, according to records.

Since then, Shane has been accused of engaging in serial sexual harassment in a series of online posts, with one lady revealing how she complained about him and had him booted off the elite dating service Raya. Former model Hollie Doker told the Daily Mail that she was the author of a now-viral Facebook post accusing Shane of attempting to take complete advantage of her at his condo in West Hollywood after the two went on their second Raya date to luxury Japanese restaurant Nobu.

He started getting really aggressive, like ‘come to my bedroom, let’s have sex.’ I even lied to him and told him I was on my period because I just felt so uncomfortable. He said ‘I took you on these amazing dates to these really great restaurants.’ At that point, he started getting super aggressive and he pushed my head down, towards that [his crotch]. I told him no and I got up. He got angry and was like ‘I’ll call you a f*cking Uber.’

Shane has a bad reputation with women, according to industry insiders, and has been branded “the walking #MeToo case of the PR field.” In the midst of her testimony about allegedly being sexually abused by Depp, he tried to get a female Post reporter to visit him at his hotel on the false pretense of a meeting with Heard. After becoming upset with the news coverage she was receiving, the “Aquaman” actress fired her previous PR company and recruited Shane a few weeks into the bombshell trial.

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