Young Thug and 27 other YSL members were indicted on a variety of charges about a week ago. Thugger was charged with participating in criminal street gang activity and conspiring to violate the RICO laws. He was also recently caught on wiretaps encouraging YSL folks to commit crimes.

The Fulton County District Attorney claims Thug was the founder and head of YSL, which was also a Blood-affiliated street gang. Wiretaps of the 30-year-old inciting other YSL members to do violent acts are horrible news for Thug. Young Thug was heard provoking YSL members for getting soft.

Y’all ain’t beat em up or shot them yet? Y’all boys getting soft.

Thugger was also charged with seven additional felonies. They include possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, possession of a sawed-off-shotgun, sawed-off rifle, machine gun, dangerous weapon or silencer, and three charges of unlawful participation in criminal gang activity while employed by/associated with a criminal street gang. 

It’s unclear how the ruling will affect Young Thug’s efforts to escape incarceration while awaiting trial. The new accusations are technically distinct from the RICO case, and it’s unclear if the judge hearing the newest counts will change his decision if Young Thug is given bond in the larger case. A request for response from his lawyer was not immediately returned.

Keep checking back with Thirsty as we continue monitoring this YSL RICO case along with every other story going on today.

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