Tom Cruise established himself as one of the most popular actors in Hollywood’s history. The legendary actors’ much anticipated sequel to Top Gun will soon hit the theaters and fans can’t hold in their excitement. Twenty One Pilots was also on the soundtrack for the new Top Gun movie before Tom Cruise decided to change the lineup. Now Cruise has racked up another faux pas.

Cruise recently contributed to The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration: A Gallop Through History. It was an event to kick off the weeks of celebrations around the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s ascension to the British throne in 1952. Cruise, however, received mixed reviews in the United Kingdom.

While waiting for the Queen to arrive at Windsor Castle, ITV co-hosts Phillip Schofield and Julie Etchingham shared an interview with Cruise. What he said there didn’t go over well. Following a few brief remarks praising the monarch, the actor began effectively marketing his next picture Top Gun: Maverick, eliciting heated social media responses from the Queen’s subjects.

Cruise has never shared the screen with Dame Helen Mirren throughout his successful film career. He got as close as he’ll ever get on Sunday night when the actress joined him on the ITV Jubilee live special, dressed as Queen Elizabeth I and giving a speech on the Spanish Armada.


Cruise breached protocol at the Sunday jubilee event when he elected to stroll to the mobile studio to record the interview part, according to Schofield, who now co-hosts ITV’s breakfast television program This Morning. Cruise read the teleprompter to introduce the Kings Troop Royal Artillery during the show. On Thursday, he will greet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Leicester Square for the royal premiere of Top Gun: Maverick.

One is expected to behave in a certain way when they are at a royal function. Nobody clued Cruise in on this, but at least he has an excuse since he is still Tom Cruise.

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