Rob Gronkowski has been one of Tom Brady’s favorite targets, dating back to their days with the New England Patriots. The hulking tight end has been mulling over whether he wants to return for another season. Many Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans thought Tom Brady coming back after a short retirement would be enough to draw Gronk back.

Bucs running back Leonard Fournette recently shared a social media post asking how many of his jerseys he’d see in the stands this year. Gronk responded, but his answer wasn’t too promising for Tampa Bay fans. Gronk said he would be rocking his Fournette #7 jersey from the stands.

“I’ll represent a 7 jersey in the stands for ya!”

Leonard Fournette responded by asking Gronk not to make him tear up. He then said, “bring yo ass back.” Fournette wants Rob Gronkowski to be a part of his team’s offense this season.


Rob Gronkowski joined the Patriots in 2010. He has spent over a decade sharing the gridiron with Tom Brady. Fans assumed that when Brady retired, Gronk would follow.

Tom Brady decided to come back for another shot at a Super Bowl. Gronkowski still isn’t convinced. If his comment is taken at face value, he is leaning towards being a spectator this season.

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Michael Perry

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