Megan Thee Stallion established herself as one of the best Hip-Hop artists in the world. She won four Grammy Awards at last year’s ceremony and things only got better after that. Megan recently left little to imagination as she twerked her magic at the Billboard Awards 2022.

Thee Stallion dressed up in a raunchy attire for her performance at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. In a revealing one-piece, the 27-year-old Houston native wowed the crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena while demonstrating her unique twerking skills.

Her performance was one of 16 during the three-hour NBC broadcast. It was also one of the most highly censored of the night, with her opening song Plan B containing several phrases not appropriate for broadcast television. The rapper wore a revealing black one-piece with a bunch of cutouts in the front that went around her thighs.

She also donned black heeled boots when performing “Plan B,” and her second song, “Sweetest Pie,” featured a number of backup dancers. Plan B is a song that many assumed was a diss track directed at Torey Lanez, who shot her in the foot after an altercation in July 2020. Meg has not admitted to this connection.

For the nationally televised broadcast, the profanity-laced song was significantly cleaned up, with the vocalist just skipping over the problematic lines. During her second song, Sweetest Pie, she really showed off her twerking skills, which drew a surprised reaction from Elle King in the audience.

Obviously, Megan Thee Stallion will keep doing her thing, no matter what the censors think. You can check out her pictures below.

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