Freddie Gibbs and Benny The Butcher have been verbally beefing for the past few months, with Gibbs mocking the Griselda rapper on social media. Their feud began after Benny said during Spotify’s Most Necessary Live interview that a possible collaboration with Gibbs “came and went.” Gibbs took offence and began making fun of Benny, including ridiculing his attempted heist in November 2020, in which the rapper was shot in the leg. Now things have apparently gone very wrong for Gibbs.

Tory Rogers, a football player-turned-rapper from Buffalo, recently claimed that he witnessed Gibbs get jumped and have his chain snatched. Benny’s associates were allegedly behind this attack. Following claims that the Indiana rapper had an incident with members of Benny The Butcher, photos of Freddie Gibbs with an apparent swollen eye have appeared online.

Freddie Gibbs was in Buffalo, New York, for a scheduled concert on his Space Rabbit Tour when he was attacked by alleged Benny The Butcher associates. Tory Rogers, a musician from Buffalo, New York, allegedly observed the attack. He recounted the incident on Twitter on Saturday night.

I just saw Freddie Gibbs get beat up and his chain took while I was eating in buffalo Ny

Freddie Gibbs chain was snatched doing the video tell DJ ak to hit me up then I’ll upload the video everybody tagged him

Photos of the Gibbster performing at his Buffalo concert with a swollen eye surfaced online recently. To hide his injuries, the Bandana designer appeared to be wearing a balaclava aka ski mask.

Gibbs was wearing his big “G” chain in the photos, but it was said his “Bunny Rabbit” chain was the one that got snatched. There may be way more to unpack in this still-developing story. Keep checking back with Thirsty for more!

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