Bobby Shmurda is a free man after leaving Epic Records earlier this year. Without a label telling him what to do, Shmurda can now drop new music whenever he wants. Bobby Shmurda has been busy with his newfound freedom, and while he is enjoying himself, there is one thing that irritates him.

The “Shmoney” rapper turned to Twitter recently to express his desire for a woman to cook for him. Bobby claims that all the attractive ladies he’s met can do everything but cook a homecooked meal. He expressed his hate for outside food and said that it gives him headache.

Baddies do everything but cook I’m mean sh-t I hate outside food shit is a Headache.

Bobby should hurry up and get the “baddie” who can cook, because he’ll most likely get the cravings after his new cannabis deal. The rapper just secured a deal with the Elevate Cannabis Company to launch his marijuana line. According to reports, Bobby Shmurda will start with ten different strains, which he described in an Instagram post.


The Shmoney dance creator yelled into the camera, “New announcement! Bobby Shmurda officially has a weed strain. Shoutout to Elevate Cannabis Company, I love y’all we got 10 strains coming out.” Bobby Shmurda also released his new album They Don’t Know on Friday, April 29, following his split from Epic Records. Check out the tweet below.

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