LeBron James appears to be sending a message to his haters who think that he is not working hard this offseason. He shared videos of him going hard in the gym, shirtless, at 5 AM to shut them up.

James posted videos on his Instagram on Wednesday morning showing that he’s getting back to it after being on vacation for the past several weeks.

The Akron native captioned one of his posts saying, “The perfect place to pull up on to relieve so stress! Time to work.” He showed off his shaped shoulders, chest, and abs while doing some kettlebell and cable work.

The thing that’s most interesting is the timing of his posts. James has recently been under a lot of criticism and scrutiny from his fans who believed that he was taking things too lightly and has been enjoying his offseason too much. This comes after the Laker’s disappointing season. That flood of workout videos on his Instagram story might silence some of his doubters.

LeBron was recently spotted in the Maldives with his wife, Savannah. He was also seen at the F1’s Grand Prix event, in Miami. Obviously, the Space Jam 2 star is a busy man, but he still finds time to put in the work.

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