As the controversies surrounding actor Ezra Miller mount, many fans are wondering what will happen to his character The Flash. He’s a DCEU mainstay, and it was expected that he’d appear in many more films in the coming years. But, given the allegations levelled against Ezra Miller, not to mention several arrests, everyone is aware that many other actors have had their contracts cancelled for far less.

Keeping this in mind, Warner Bros. is considering their options for replacing Ezra Miller. It’s unclear how many actors have made it to the top of WB’s list to replace Ezra Miller as The Flash. Dylan O’Brien, however, is one such name that a source for Screen Geek has informed.

The 30-year-old actor is well-known for his roles in both television and film, including Teen Wolf on MTV. He also starred as the lead in Love and Monsters. Of course, fans have their own ideas about who they think should be the next Flash.

Actor Grant Gustin is a popular choice. He’s an obvious choice because he’s already played The Flash in The CW’s Arrowverse. Having said that, Grant Gustin’s transition from the Arrowverse to the DCEU could be difficult. Even if those respective continuities haven’t already crossed over.

In any case, it might be best to replace Ezra Miller with someone new, such as Dylan O’Brien. Although it is unclear how such a change will fit into the DCEU’s narrative. However, with Warner Bros Discovery eager to overhaul the property, there could be any number of changes that would allow it to work. As a result, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with Ezra Miller and what Warner Bros’ final decision is.

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