Pusha T has come a long way since he signed with Kanye West’s label, GOOD Music. He already earned a top position in the rap scene but his career recently reached a whole new milestone. Pusha T recently claimed Drake and Kanye West have no good songs together.

Despite collaborating numerous times over the years, Pusha T claimed that Drake and Kanye West don’t have a single good song together. During a recent appearance on the Drink Champs podcast, the It’s Almost Dry rapper discussed Drake and West’s relationship. Pusha commented on the two rappers resolving their beef in 2021.

I felt like it was good for them. They play an industry game. I feel like that’s gon’ work for them and what they do. I don’t even think they make good music together. That’s the wildest part. There ain’t even a hot record. Name it.

Pusha responded, “What?” when asked about their More Life collaboration, “Glow.” Pusha also stated that he is content with where he is in his career. He knows exactly what his lane is. He claimed to know exactly what he’s doing, who he wants to be with and who he wants to make records with.

Pusha and Drake have had their own feuds over the years, but Pusha left any diss tracks aimed at Drake out of his most recent album. In an interview following the film’s release, he stated that their dislike for each other feels “so old” at this point in his career. Watch Pusha T’s Drink Champs interview below.

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