Lil Wayne has his share of controversies and there’s no denying that. The rapper was embroiled in a lawsuit over a controversy that allegedly stemmed in 2016 which was recently put to rest. Wayne recently penned his hatred towards Dallas Mavericks’ player Luka Doncic.

Most analysts have regarded the Phoenix Suns as the favorites to win the NBA championship throughout the playoffs. After all, they reached the NBA Finals last season and were on the verge of winning it all until they lost four consecutive games to the Milwaukee Bucks. The Dallas Mavericks have been on a tear this season, but they are starting to look a lot more difficult than they have in the past.

For example, the Suns were able to take a 2-0 lead over the Mavericks, but the series is now tied at 2-2. This is largely due to Luka Doncic, who has been outstanding for the Mavericks. He’s constantly giving the Suns fits, and at this point, the Suns could be in big trouble if the series returns to Phoenix.

While Luka is a league favorite, there is at least one person who does not value his skill set. That person happens to be Lil Wayne, who is rooting for his buddy Chris Paul. Indeed, after a few missteps last night, Wayne took to Twitter and simply showed his distaste for Luka.

Luka a ho.

Needless to say, Wayne isn’t a fan of some of the things Luka does to get calls. Unfortunately, that is the name of the game in the NBA these days, and Wayne and the Suns will have to accept it. Check out Wayne’s tweet below.

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