Tom Brady wasn’t supposed to be the starting quarterback for the 2001 New England Patriots. Brady was a late-round pick, expected to be a backup to star QB Drew Bledsoe. An injury changed everything for TB12, and in that first season, he was at the center of one of the greatest controversies in NFL history.

In Tom Brady’s first playoff game, the Pats took on the Oakland Raiders. The game came down to the wire. With New England down by three, the referees ruled what looked like a fumble as an incomplete pass to keep the Pats Super Bowl season alive.

The game became known as the “Tuck Rule Game.” Fans from everywhere but Boston were irate with the way things went down. Tom Brady recently took to social media to troll everyone, admitting that it might have been a fumble after all.

“The tuck rule game against the Raiders… Might have been a fumble.”


The TikTok clip started with Justin Bieber announcing a new trend. Bieber posted his own video on the heels of his latest single, “Honest.” Biebs wanted people to share something honest with him.

Tom Brady did just that. The Tuck Rule Game still bothers NFL fans far and wide. The latest video is sure to get a lot of attention from football enthusiasts who can’t take a joke.

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