Kim Kardashian rose to prominence in 2007 after her sex tape with singer Ray J went viral. She was previously known as socialite Paris Hilton’s assistant. Kim and her entire family achieved massive mainstream stardom as a result of the titillating tape.

For years, the Kardashians wanted everyone to believe that Ray J leaked his sex tape with Kim Kardashian and that she was devastated. Ray J has always been portrayed as the perpetrator, while Kim has always been portrayed as the victim. Recently on the Kardashians’ reality show, it was revealed that Ray J had a second sex tape he was planning to release, but Kanye had to step in and save the day to prevent it from happening.

Over the years, many people have accused Kim K. of being behind the tape’s release. Kanye West personally returned a second video involving Kim and Ray to prevent it from being released, according to a recent plot on “The Kardashians.” Ray J stated that none of this was even remotely true.

For those of us in the know, we knew it was a lie, but Ray J has spoken out recently, and as they say, the truth and the DMs will set you free. Ray J provided DMs from Kim Kardashian as proof, in which she never denies anything he has said but instead explains how they can make it work through a PR move.

The ongoing drama makes for entertaining reality television, but it’s difficult to know who to believe. According to Ray J, the first tape was released with the Kardashians’ permission. He sees it as a business partnership rather than a scandal. Check out the screenshots of the DMs below.

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