Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson remains one of the most established pro wrestlers in the pro wrestling industry. The Rock went on to become a Hollywood juggernaut as well. WWE might have a lot of interesting ideas floating around backstage, but Dwayne Johnson had to shut down one pitch back in the day when they wanted him to wear Muslim attire.

The Rock had an unpleasant time as his Rocky Maivia character was largely criticized by fans and eventually led to the infamous ”Die Rocky die” chants. His fortune would change soon after that when he was allowed to tell fans how he really felt about them.

While speaking to Title Match Wrestling, The Godfather discussed The Rock’s time in the Nation Of Domination. Everyone in the NOD wore matching hats with a cultural significance, but Rock wasn’t about that. He revealed that The Rock refused to wear Muslim attires in WWE.

“The only problem we had with him is he didn’t wanna wear the Muslim caps… Then he didn’t wanna put the green, red and yellow, whatever the sign was… black, green and red… he didn’t wanna put that on him, so he ended up putting a little stripe on his shorts. But that was the only problem we had. He completely refused to wear a hat.”

The Rock eventually carved his own path in WWE after leaving The Nation of Domination. The rest, as they say, is simply history. Dwayne Johnson still dominates media and culture to this day, so it seems like he made a lot of good decisions along the way.

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