Lady Gaga is well-known for her image transformations and musical versatility. Gaga was dubbed the “Queen of Pop” by Rolling Stone in 2011 based on record sales and social media metrics. Gaga appears to have drawn some criticism this time after hanging out with Tom Cruise.

Lady Gaga and Tom Cruise hung out together after one of her gigs in Las Vegas, and their friendship is generating quite a commotion. The 36-year-old pop sensation released a behind-the-scenes photo of herself embracing the 59-year-old Hollywood actor. “Thank you for coming to the show last night. I love you my friend @tomcruise,” Gaga wrote underneath a snap of her kissing Cruise.

The two hanging comes after it was announced the Bad Romance songstress would sing the lead song off the Top Gun: Maverick soundtrack. Gaga revealed in an emotional Instagram post that she has been working on the song Hold My Hand for the film “for years.” She told her fans, “I’m so grateful to Tom [Cruise] and Hans [Zimmer] and Joe [Kosinski] for this opportunity—and it’s been a beautiful experience working with them..”

The pair’s outing generated quite a fuss on social media, with numerous Scientology critics tearing Gaga to bits. Cruise has been a devout member of the church for decades and is one of its most well-known followers.

Over the years, the church has faced horrifying allegations of abuse from ex-members and has been the focus of numerous documentaries and feature films, allegations that the church and current members have strongly denied.

Regardless, some people are not pleased with Gaga‘s new “friend.” “Disappointed with @ladygaga for publicly praising @TomCruise who has been the cause of suffering for so many because of Scientology … Big oof and lots of questions now about what she stands for,” wrote one fan.

Another person asked Gaga to watch “a few of the many documentaries there are about Scientology.” The singer should do her research, according to one of her followers. “GaGa, you’re better than this. Don’t show support for such a horrendous human being,” wrote another concerned individual. One fan inquired if Gaga had joined the church, while another stated, “Saw a picture Lady Gaga posted with Tom Cruise and it makes me scared for her. Scientology would love that.”

The Church of Scientology has recently made headlines, with actress Elisabeth Moss praising the church in a recent interview, and another member, Danny Masterson, defending himself against criminal accusations. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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