Kodak Black is a problematic figure, and even he wouldn’t deny that. While he’s at the center of several squabbles, every once in a while an old one comes back to bite him back. The rapper has worked with several figures from the industry, and it’s not always smooth sailing. It seems his look-alike has made appearance.

It’s never been a better time to look like a rapper. In recent months, we’ve seen random people online who look exactly like DJ Khaled, Drake, and Lil Durk, generating a lot of buzz and building brands for themselves as semi-professional doppelgangers.

The Florida native Kodak Black is the most recent recording artist to be imitated, but never duplicated. In an Instagram video shared by Akademiks, a man who could be mistaken for Yak was filmed in a Walmart as he drew attention from fans.

The excitement in people’s voices indicates that they were duped by the lookalike, though not everyone in the vicinity played along. “So, they were trying to take pictures with you?” a woman from behind the camera asked fake Kodak, who appeared surprised that his disguise was convincing.

So they really trying to take pictures with you? So y’all really think this n—- really Kodak? No.

We can’t say whether Kodak 2.0 will be as successful as Fake Drake, because he was soon dubbed “Kodak Crack.” We hope he stays out of trouble and away from 6ix9ine, who allegedly ambushed Lil Durk’s lookalike Perkio in order to film a video with him. The entire situation appeared to see the New York-born rapper taking shots at Smurk, but he was unconcerned, later hopping on Twitter to thank fans for helping him go #1 again amid all the drama.

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