WWE recently released several NXT wrestlers in a move that many fans expected. The company has been giving new talents shorter tryout periods to see if they improve. The cuts also sent a message to many wrestlers about what is expected of them going forward.

Malcolm Bivens was let go after refusing to re-sign with the company. Bivens still had time left on his contract and was in the middle of an on-screen storyline. Several others were new names that weren’t catching on as quickly as WWE would have liked.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the message WWE was sending to talent with the releases. Wrestlers have 90 days to show they have what it takes. If they don’t, they are as good as gone in most cases.

“You know, I think that the key to this whole thing is, the two things are if they’re pushing you to sign a contract and you don’t sign a contract, even though you may have lots of time left and you’re in NXT – not main roster, but you’re in NXT – perhaps that’s a message that you better sign your contract and if you’re unhappy, we’ll just let you go.

And the other message is that we’re constantly bringing in new guys. Constantly. If you go in there and you’re improving at a good clip, then you’re OK, but if you don’t show improvement quickly… You’ve pretty much got 90 days in a lot of cases if you’re a new person.

There are some new people who are getting multi-year contracts and there are some that are getting 90-day deals, but the reality is if you’re getting a multi-year contract, it’s still a 90-day deal. It’s a very, very competitive dog-eat-dog, and if you don’t show great improvement in 90 days, and not everyone will, you’re probably going to be not long for the company. That’s pretty much the message there.”

WWE is taking a quantity-over-quality approach. They have been bringing in huge amounts of young athletes who have little or no in-ring experience. If they don’t show the company something within 90 days, they’re out. The WWE recruitment process continues to be one of the most cut-throat developmental programs in pro wrestling.

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Michael Perry

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