Comedian Lil Duval is not a quiet person. He’s always making fun of certain issues or even celebrities on social media. However, the tables have now been turned. Lil Duval claims someone out there is photoshopping his butt.

Users on social media are making fun of the 44-year-old after photos of his buttocks went viral on Twitter. The funny guy was photographed standing on a ledge with a microphone in his hands. His pants were nicely gripped at his lower back area from behind, exposing his round bottom.

The Twitter account wrote: “Why were you double cheeked up on a friday night? @lilduval.”

To join in the fun, he shared a screenshot of the post with the caption: “Who photoshopped me looking like i got a BBL?”

It didn’t take long for fans to react to his comments and begin mocking the actor’s physique. Even some celebrities joined in on the fun. T.I., the legendary rapper, commented, “n—- wanna be prince so bad.” LaLa, a television personality, commented on The Shade Room’s photo post, saying, “Nah it really looks like that while he on stage.. I saw it at the millennium tour and was astonished.”

Duval’s post, which has received over 55,000 likes, is chock-full of hilarious jokes from his fans. People have commented that he resembles a Fashion Nova men’s advertisement. Someone even likened him to a city girl. It’s a good thing Duval can laugh at himself. Check out what got his fans riled up in the post below.

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Gunjan Nath

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