Lamar Odom is no stranger to the world of reality television as Odom spent so much of his life in front of the camera. Lamar Odom recently said he would take the hallucinogenic drug ibogaine again if he felt it was necessary to treat his mental health issues.

The former Lakers player spoke exclusively to Page Six about his trip to Mexico for the controversial treatment. He said he “could probably” do it again because he was able to see his late son, Jayden, who died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in 2006 at the age of 6 months.

That sh-t lasts for like a couple of hours. I’ve done drugs a big part of my adult life, and that was one thing that was so strong I was hoping that it would stop. It was, like, really overwhelming. Anything that’s going to make me better I’ll take the risk and take the jump. I’ll leap — the leap of faith. No, I haven’t done it again, but I could probably strap up and do it again. You have to really have your mind in a really strong place to do it.

The retired NBA player explained about the “plant medicine.” It’s a naturally occurring psychoactive substance found in iboga. The drug allowed him to see Jayden at three different ages and also allowed him to reconnect with his late mother and grandmother.

Despite the potency of the ibogaine, which he took under the supervision of doctors, Odom stated that he would go down the hallucinogenic path again. Odom revealed, ahead of his Nanosol Pro-sponsored Fan Room Live appearance to raise money for the American SIDS Institute this weekend that while living in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house in February, that he dreamed of his late former teammate Kobe Bryant — without the help of ibogaine.

This might be considered a controversial form of treatment, but everyone is owed their right to work things out as they see fit.

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