Amber Heard has received a slew of terrible headlines in recent weeks. She admitted to pooping in a bed, but the joke didn’t land. Her Aquaman 2 role was also cut down to 10 minutes, because fans don’t want to see her. Still, it’s her public relations team’s fault and not her.

Johnny Depp is suing Heard for $50 million, claiming she defamed him in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed about being a victim of domestic violence. According to Heard’s lawyer, Depp physically and sexually abused the actress. Amber Heard is utterly dissatisfied with the coverage she’s been receiving in her court battle with Johnny Depp.

As a result, she abruptly switched to a new public relations team ahead of her highly anticipated testimony this week, according to The Washington Post. According to sources, the “Aquaman” actress fired team PR firm Precision Strategies recently. She is done with the press coverage she’s received since her bombshell defamation trial began last month.

A source noted: “She doesn’t like bad headlines.”

Another source said: “Heard is frustrated with her story not being told effectively.”

According to sources, the actress, who is expected to testify in Fairfax, Virginia, as soon as Tuesday, has retained consulting firm Shane Communications to help her get her point across better in the court of public opinion. The abrupt PR shift came after several days of brutal court testimony from Depp witnesses and a ferocious social-media mob that turned against Heard.

Her new public relations team, led by CEO David Shane, has previously worked against Depp. The firm assisted in drawing attention to allegations made by Depp’s former business managers, The Management Group, that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star needed to see a shrink for his $2 million per month “compulsive spending.” Nonetheless, communications experts told The Washington Post that Heard’s new publicists face a difficult task.

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