Lil Durk is blowing up in a big way, but he still connects with his fans whenever it is possible. He recently encountered one fan who got the wrong idea about his emotionless expression.

Smurk went live on Instagram and replied to several comments from his fans but one comment specifically caught his attention when the fan told him that he always looks like he’s scared.

Durk was live on Instagram with his fiancé, India, reading fan comments when he quoted one that said, “I always be looking scared?” This drew a humorous response.

Durk went on to say, “That’s when I became a real firm believer of ‘looks can be deceiving.'” He looked towards India and asked her if he looks nervous or lost. India didn’t respond immediately, so he said, “But you know like I know. You know what happened in that house.”

India Royale was still confused and asked him what he was referring to. Although Durk did not state facts directly in the video, it can be assumed that he was talking about they were involved in July 2021. While the couple was at their home in Atlanta, many invaders busted into their house, which resulted in a shootout. Both Durk and India fired weapons but fortunately enough, no one was injured.

Following this incident, Durk released a song, “Pissed Me Off” where mentioned the invasion. H wrapped, “Niggas ran inside my crib, but the Glock 10 was by the bed. I’ll give my gun to India before I put it in your hand.”

Watch this clip below to see Durk’s reply to the fan’s comment.

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Sanchari Ghosh

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