Christina Hall and Ant Anstead were given shared legal and physical custody of their son following their divorce in July. However, it looks like Ant Anstead is attempting to amend the terms of his joint custody agreement with his ex-wife.

On Thursday, it was revealed that Ant Anstead has applied for full custody of his two-year-old son with ex-wife Christina Hall and has described her as an unfit mother in court documents.

According to TMZ, Ant reportedly accused the HGTV star of only spending an average of “9 full days each month” with him over the last 20 months, using him for social media clout, and endangering his medical safety in his filing.

Ant alleges that when Christina has Hudson in her care, she blasts him on social media, including in sponsored posts, and he wants the judge to stop her from doing that. According to Ant, Hudson returned from spending time with Christina earlier this month with a terrible sunburn that left him crying in pain.


Ant also mentions Christina’s hallucinogenic toad venom activities. She admitted to taking the drug in July, as TMZ reported.  Ant uses it as evidence of Christina’s unpredictability as a parent.

Ant claims they presently share custody of Hudson, but he’s now asking for full custody, with Christina having alternate weekends. He also requests the judge to prevent Christina from putting Hudson in any “commercial endeavor” unless he agrees.

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