Gunna is without a doubt a very well-known rapper, especially because of his fashion sense. He makes a fine living after his Pushin’ P single blew up, but he still respects the daily hustle. He has recently spoken out in the hopes of improving the perception of day jobs.

Several rappers have opened up against the 9-to-5 grind. However, Gunna took to Twitter on Tuesday to dispel the notion that working a 9-5 is not cool.

“It’s Cool to work a 9-5 no Capp….Getting money is Getting Money.”

This isn’t the first time Gunna has gone against the tide. In an interview with Rick Ross, A’Ja Wilson, Steve Stoute, and LeBron James for the latter’s YouTube series The Shop, the Atlanta lyricist slammed young artists who join the rap game and ignore major labels.

“Some people be like ‘well fuck the labels we don’t need labels,’ but these like really business partners how I look at it. You shouldn’t say fuck the labels cause they taking a chance on you.

When they give you money, they taking the risk too. It’s up to you to really make this money back and go make more money, and like for like all like the young artists who are coming up like I wanna tell them just like man don’t look at it as like it’s a bad deal. You not getting what you want in the beginning because it can always get better.”

The Atlanta rapper, who is signed to Atlantic Records, labeled himself the “contract killer.” He explained in the past that, “I call it like contract killer like, you give me the contract, I’m gonna kill it, and then in another contract, it’s my terms and conditions now.”

Gunna has been flaunting his large collection of jewelry to go along with the music he’s been releasing on a regular basis. While on a $55,000 shopping spree, the rapper was recently seen hanging out with NBA player Ja Morant. It’s good to know that someone like Gunna isn’t going to look down at anyone who has to work to pay the bills.

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Smita Singha Roy

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