Bad Bunny is a world-famous rapper and one of the biggest names in Latin music. In order to broaden and diversify its Marvel universe, Sony has revealed that an El Muerto film is in the works, starring Latin Grammy winner and platinum-selling music artist Bad Bunny. The news broke during a Sony presentation at Cinemacon, where Bad Bunny made a surprise cameo.

El Muerto, also known as Juan Carlos, was a superpowered wrestler who first faced Spider-Man in a charity wrestling bout. He nearly unmasked the webslinger before being stung with a paralyzing poison by Spider-Man. Spider-Man protected him after his tyrant El Dorado arrived to claim his life, and the two then teamed up to destroy Dorado.

El Muerto would be the first Latin superhero in the Marvel universe to earn his own film, following Sony’s recent announcement of Madame Web, the first female character from the Spider-Man universe to get her own film. Though El Muerto isn’t as well-known as Venom or Kraven the Hunter, Sony’s haste to get this picture into production owes a lot to Bad Bunny’s determination to locate the appropriate superhero property for himself.

On July 29, the celebrity will make his major studio debut in Bullet Train, a highly anticipated action film that Sony is really excited about and has already landed Aaron Taylor-Johnson the main part in Kraven the Hunter. The same thing appears to have happened with Bad Bunny, with executives praising the film’s final Bad Bunny footage.

Aside from Bullet Train, he recently appeared in Narcos: Mexico and has a new film with Gael Garca Bernal called Cassandro. He also just finished his world-wide arena tour, El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo. UTA and Rimas Entertainment represent him. We’ll have to wait and see how his standalone Marvel movie from Sony turns out.

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