Ice Cube is no stranger to receiving criticism from fans. However, the legendary has certainly perfected the skill on how to shut them up. Recently, a troll ended up facing Cube’s fury after they tried to troll him on Twitter.

Cube is famous for his lyric making ability. Before he was into making movies with family audiences in mind, Ice Cube broke into the rap scene with his radical rap group, N.W.A.

Ice Cube’s lyrics on N.W.A’s 1988 album Straight Outta Compton contributed to gangsta rap’s widespread popularity. Recently, a troll caught Cube’s attention with a tweet which read, “Remember that time ice cube went from hardcore gangster rap to Disney family movies?” They even called Cube a sellout with a hashtag.

Cube didn’t wait too long to unleash his wrath on the troll. He shut them up with a epic reply which said, “Remember that time you went from being a b*tch to a hoe in one tweet?” Cube’s tweet soon spread like wildfire on the social media platform, garnering over 1,100 retweets within hours.

Cube’s son, O’Shea Jackson Jr. also commented on the tweet. He said brazenly, “I remember.” He is obviously proud of his father, and he also made a nice bag playing him in Straight Outa Compton.

Ice Cube has always been wicked with disses. We all remember ‘No Vaseline,’ an epic diss track where he tore his former NWA associates to absolute shreds. It’s nice to know Cube still has it in him.

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Shubham Banerjee

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