Chopper, a former star of MTV’s Making The Band, was arrested in a sex-trafficking raid and now faces pimping charges. Chopper’s social media showed signs of a possible sex-trafficking business, according to Nevada vice detectives, causing them to initiate an inquiry. Cops looked through his Instagram account and discovered posts about pimping and prostitution.

After being detained in Maryland earlier this month, Chopper is being extradited to Las Vegas to face sex trafficking charges, according to TMZ. They mention a photo of Chopper on a plane with the message “Sending em,” as well as a money bag and a crown emoji.

They allege that legal documents show he was apprehended after being contacted by an undercover vice detective posing as a sex worker in Sin City. On Instagram, the Nevada cop privately messaged the rapper, offering him the opportunity to make money through prostitution.

According to the undercover cop, Chopper brags to cops over the phone. He talked about his frequent travels across the country, where he has seven homes, one of which is in Las Vegas. Due to law enforcement crackdowns, the former TV star also cautioned the detective that Sin City was no longer a secure area to operate.

Despite this, the cops claim that after passing a phone interview, Chopper assured them he would add them to his “team” and “stable.” They assert Chopper’s demeanor subsequently shifted, and he became combative during phone chats. He began to order them around, telling them to pack their belongings and fly to Charlotte, North Carolina to join his “stable.”

Cops said they stalled Chopper by telling him they were afraid to leave, but he became enraged. He wanted a $2,000 charge after attempting to force them to meet with him. Police in Nevada say they have enough evidence to arrest Chopper and charge him with criminal sex trafficking. This story is still unfolding.

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