Just a few days ago, Bhad Bhabie said in an Instagram live video that she made $50 million from OnlyFans and now she has also come up with proof to make haters take a good look at her receipts. There’s no cap to her claim, and she wanted to make things crystal clear.

Bhabie mentioned that she doesn’t want to be known as the “cash me outside” girl anymore and would rather be known for other notable things she might’ve done. This includes her making $50 million on OnlyFans. She also bought a $6.1 million mansion with cash to prove she’s living that life.

After she revealed this, many people on social media started casting doubt that she had been able to make that much money. Simps have a ton of money to throw around and Bhabie has no problems cashing in.

On Monday, Bhabie shared a screengrab on her Instagram that shows her earnings and wrote as caption, “Go cry about it bitch.” She also thanked Scoop Agency Partners.

If the screengrab is legit, she has made $53 million gross and her net amount is around $43 million which is an insane amount of money for her who got her head start as a troubled 19-year-old teen on Dr. Phil.

Ever since she gained fame on Dr. Phil, she has ad a successful rap career so far, and now, of course, she is on her way to achieving greater heights. Check out BB’s Instagram post below. Believe it or not, Bhad Bhabie is coming with paperwork to prove her paperwork.

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Sanchari Ghosh

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