Fabolous is a veteran of the rap game the veteran rapper. He had quite a unique experience in Vegas and couldn’t help but share it with his fans.

Fabolous recently visited Las Vegas, and on Saturday, he posted a video on his Instagram account with a lengthy caption giving fans each and every detail of what happened.

The video shows an extremely drowsy woman trying to fall asleep on him in the VIP section at an after-hours venue in Sin City.

“I know what happens in Vegas suppose to stay in Vegas but this was a very rare experience for me so i gotta share my story,” Fabolous captioned his Instagram post. BOOM.. so we sitting in the After Hours & there was very little room on the couch i was sitting on… but this girl came & rushed to sit down in this very tight space on the couch like she was running back hitting a hole!! I thought her feet was hurting & she couldnt stand up no more, So even tho i didn’t know this girl & it was tight, i scooted over a little bit… A few minutes later… I feel something heavy on my shoulder. I thought she was playing or showing how tired she was (even tho she don’t know me) but when i looked over she was sleep I mean knocked out cold I mean a dead body I mean a coma I mean she was Lean’ing On Me like I was Joe Clark & her head was heavy as fuck. But yeah, don’t know who this girl is but Im cool being a shoulder yall can lean on when yall need me These shoulders can be your pillow.. NO DROOLING THO @ somebody who’s fell asleep in the club wit you if you gangsta #SheWasNotOnTheUpSide.”


Other rappers, Jim Jones and Jadakiss immediately jumped onto the comment section to share a laugh with Fabolous.

Clearly, Fabolous is not as relaxed as the woman is, who is almost using his shoulder as a pillow. Fabolous rather appears to be focused on sounding off about his recent trip to Colombia, where he and Jim Jones shot the cartel-themed visual for their “Coke Zero” collab that was released on April 20.

Check out Fabolous’ IG post and the video for “Coke Freestyle” below.

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