Scheana Shay is most known for her appearance on the “Vanderpump Rules” show. Recently, the reality star found herself receiving criticism from fans for putting her baby in a hot tub. However, it appears she was not having any of it as she took took to social media to clap back at them.

The reality shared some videos on her Instagram Stories in which her toddler was spotted in a hot tub. Soon after, fans started messaging Scheana, apparently warning her of the dangers that the baby could face being in a jacuzzi.

Scheana soon responded to fans’ concern. The mother-of-one took to her Instagram Stories to fire back at haters dragging her for being a careless mother. She said in a fiery statement,

“To everyone messaging me about my baby in a ‘hot tub’ … It’s not HOT! I’m not stupid. I didn’t even take hot baths when I was pregnant. I control the temp. I simply had the bubbles on for her. Thank you for your concern,” 


Scheana didn’t waste any time responding to people who were calling her out for putting her daughter in danger. Thankfully, she knows better as she clarified Summer wasn’t playing in the hot tub while the heat was on.

It’s widely known that young children shouldn’t go in hot tubs because they could overheat. While it might seem fun to have a baby in a hot tub, it’s actually very dangerous for the child, and it could lead to death. According to The Cover Guy,

“A baby’s body does not have the ability to account for temperature shifts the way an adult can. Therefore, he/she can overheat in a hot tub even if you, yourself, feel that the water is cool enough. A baby’s heart will race and the body will sweat profusely, making the experience quite uncomfortable. In extreme cases, these symptoms can cause death,”

Meanwhile, we will be on the lookout for more updates. Stay tuned to Thirsty. You can check out a picture of Shay and her daughter below.

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