Khloe Kardashian is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. Although the reality star receives a lot of negative attention, things look different this time. Khloe’s fans are now concerned about her well-being.

In a recent episode of the Kardashian’s new Hulu show, Khloe opened up about her struggles with anxiety. Now the reality star has concerned fans even further after tweeting some disheartening messages. Khloe took to the platform early on Thursday morning to share some of her feelings regarding the new show.

“This used to be fun. Now everything is riddled with anxiety. The new toxic energy in the world takes the fun out of everything,” she confessed. After fans expressed their support for Khloe, she replied by tweeting, “It sucks but I understand it’s part of the game but some things get so mean and so heavy and it feels like it never gets lighter.”

“Only heavier and heavier. COVID also made me super anxious in general,” the TV personality explained. Surprisingly, fans were very supportive of her this time. They immediately replied with words of worry and encouragement.

“It’s so sad to see you feeling like that! sending you love and good vibes only,” one fan wrote. “Omg seeing those tweets on TV, you literally get so much hate but I love how you still keep ur head up!” another encouraged. A third fan chimed in by saying, “Just remember you have a lot of supporters. Focus on the good and try to block out the bad,” another suggested.

“Social media can be such a hard environment these days where everyone has an opinion on anything and will hurt anyone about anything. I’m so sorry Khloé,” wrote the fourth fan. “Sounds like Tristan is around you again,” a fifth speculated. “I hope you never let these toxic people take away from the people that are here and truly love you,” a final hoped.

Khloe has previously sparked concern after losing a lot of weight. The reality star has been working on her revenge body since Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal. We hope she gets better soon.

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