Bill Murray’s week just keeps getting worse. Bill Murray’s upcoming project, which has been halted due to an investigation into his alleged inappropriate behavior, is taking on a darker tone in the wake of a resurrected on-set horror story that has had Hollywood buzzing for decades.

The actor allegedly tossed a glass ashtray at co-star Richard Dreyfuss and threatened to throw the film’s female producer across a parking lot. Disney was obliged to hire bodyguards to safeguard the actors and crew of 1991’s “What About Bob?”

Dreyfuss’ son, Ben, made the shocking accusation recently. It came just hours after Murray’s current film, “Being Mortal,” was halted due to a complaint about his behavior. Despite his long-standing reputation as a renowned Hollywood bad guy, Murray has been accused of physically clashing with co-stars on multiple sets dating back to the 1970s, ranging from alleged head-butting to inexcusable and inappropriate language.

Bill Murray had a meltdown during what about bob because he wanted an extra day off and Laura said no and ripped off her glasses off her face and my dad complained about his behavior and Bill Murray threw an ashtray at him.

Dreyfuss has addressed the alleged event without revealing all of the details. Despite this, he referred to Murray as a drunken thug on set. In 2009, Dreyfuss revealed. Murray allegedly exploded at Dreyfuss after the latter complained about Murray’s treatment of the film’s producer, Laura Ziskin.

Following Murray’s reported violent outburst this week, Ben took to Twitter to explain that professional muscle had to be dispatched to the Virginia set of the cult movie “What About Bob?” Disney, Murray, Ben, and his Oscar-winning father have all been contacted for comment. Stay tuned to Thirsty for latest news.

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