Britney Spears has been very active on social media lately. She often shares constant updates about her life with her fans. In recently deleted post she slammed her ex-husband, Kevin Federline. Kevin Federline isn’t happy with Britney Spears’ latest remark that he wouldn’t see her when she was pregnant.

His lawyer has issued a not-so-subtle threat, claiming that her narrative is fake. Mark Vincent Kaplan, an attorney, was leaving Craig’s recently when a photographer inquired about Brit’s latest post.

In her post, Britney claimed, “… geez my ex-husband wouldn’t see me when I flew to New York with a baby inside me and Las Vegas when he was shooting a video!!!” Kaplan called her out, saying she is lying and even gave her a warning. If the threat was too vague, Kaplan narrowed it down.

It is completely the opposite of what’s true, she knows that. She should be very careful about pursuing a dialogue that’s based on revisionist history. That story about Kevin in Las Vegas and Britney is completely erroneous, and he’s not going to stand by and let that story besmirch what he did and his support of her back in the day.

Kevin believes Britney has every right to pursue her connection with Sam Asghari, but adds, that Kevin isn’t going to stand by and let that be the depiction of reality. Spears recently expressed concerns about raising a kid in modern-day America. That being said, she looks forward to a new chapter of her life with fiancé Sam Asghari whose child she is carrying.

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