Britney Spears appears to be in good spirits these days. Britney’s future with Sam Asghari appears to be bright as well, as the couple got engaged in late 2021 and are now expecting their first child together. Asghari has now shared another glimpse into their private lives together.

Sam Asghari revealed on Instagram that Britney Spears has a framed photo of Brad Pitt from his Thelma & Louise days missing his shirt in her closet. He said, with Spears giggling in the background: “We got a huge problem. My girl got a picture of – who’s this? Brad Pitt. The one and only Brad Pitt, in her closet. You don’t think I can do this? You don’t think I can do this? ‘Now, Simon says everybody down on the floor. If you don’t lose your head, you ain’t gonna lose your head.’ I’m ten times better than that guy!”

He may not be destined to be the next A-list Hollywood actor on par with Brad Pitt, but Sam Asghari did a commendable job in Thelma & Louise dropping lines from Pitt’s character. Britney Spears was laughing and commenting a lot more than Geena Davis’ Thelma was in that movie, and it makes for a very fun video. Asghari is even shirtless and wielding a hairdryer while wearing a cowboy hat, just like J.D. in the film.

He’s wearing a pink cowboy hat that appears to be Britney’s rather than the real cowboy hat that Pitt wears in the film. The video has already received over 500,000 views after only one day online. While Sam Asghari’s reenactment of Brad Pitt’s shirtless scene from a classic film is novel, Britney Spears’ crush on the actor is not.

She revealed on The Today Show in 2016 that he was her first celebrity crush, and she has mentioned him on and off since then. Asghari doesn’t appear to have any genuine issues with it, given that he was willing to be silly about it on social media. Britney was all in on Asghari’s impression of Pitt in his Thelma & Louise days based on her giggles and commentary about “the one and only.”

The video is only about a minute and a half long, but it’s a cute glimpse into their lives, and it’s nice to see that she’s still happy in her post-conservative life. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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