Azealia Banks’ debut single “212” went viral in 2011 and reached several international charts. After having several negative experiences with previous labels, Banks eventually became an independent artist and founded her own independent record label, Chaos & Glory Recordings. Azealia recently called out several well-known rappers, including Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj, and others.

During this Instagram live rant, no one was spared. She began her story time rants by addressing rappers who claim she is not “Hip-Hop,” questioning whether their cultural measuring sticks are the guns they adore. “Any of you mother###kers have anything to say about whether or not Azealia Banks is Hip-Hop (or whatever the f##k you guys think Hip-Hop is), let me just break it down to you guys,” she started before really breaking it down.

 “With all these guns and gangster s##t (and whatever the f##k you guys think you are) putting out into the world …You know you guys are carrying guns.”

“You guys are not carrying guns to shoot at police or carrying guns to shoot at white people. You aren’t carrying guns to shoot at white rappers. You’re carrying guns to kill each other.”

“Now, if that is not the most p##sy f##king s### in the world!”

Azealia Banks then turned her attention to Top Dawg Entertainment, the rap collective responsible for the success of modern-day spit kickers such as AB-Soul, Schoolboy Q, and Kendrick Lamar. They are the best examples of “p##sy,” according to the “212” rapper, referring to a recently leaked same gender-loving sex tape with point guard emcee Isaiah Rashad.

She changed the subject to address the only female in the crew, SZA, who she referred to as a “Snoozefest.”

“You got SZA, a f##king snooze fest, boring,” she joked, comparing her to cocoa or shea butter and classifying her music as only celebrating “Black woman woes.” “Well, maybe I would probably be trying to find myself too … If I saw my ex like s##king a c##k on f##king camera.”

That last part was a joke referring to Isaiah Rashad’s leaked sex tape and his previous relationship with SZA.

SZA was not the only woman in the industry who was chastised. She also targeted Rico Nasty, accusing her of using hard drugs and claiming to be on “bathtub boogie” and “crockpot crystals.” She said that all the Roc Nation girls are “f##king fried.” Azealia Banks stated about Rihanna that she was “pregnant by a guy who pays for play. I could have told you that, girl!” Banks also compared Megan Thee Stallion to Shirley Caesar’s Thanksgiving song, “Beans, Greens, Potatoes, Tomatoes.”

Her most recent rant was directed at female rappers who participate in challenges and create rap songs for free on the internet. “I don’t do anything I do well for free,” Banks said. “You know that Nicki Minaj remix challenge … why don’t you go over there and do that for free.” Ms. “Grand Scam” emphasized how the Queens femcee always brags about her money and refers to other women in rap as “her sons,” despite the fact that so many are “working” for her “for free,” making her songs hot and providing free content.

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