Skip Bayless makes no secret about his feelings for LeBron James. The TV sports talking head is a frequent critic of LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers. It turns out that it may all stem from some hard feelings over an incident that happened over a decade ago.

LeBron James was still a young NBA superstar trying to prove he could win in the league back in 2008. Skip Bayless was working on “Cold Pizza,” where he developed his bitter old man persona. Bayless had scheduled an interview with LeBron during that time.

On the most recent “Skip Bayless Show,” he shared the story. Bayless was supposed to do a special interview with LeBron James after a Cavs game. The idea was that LeBron would come out about 30 minutes after the game and do the TV spot. Bayless said that never happened, and he still doesn’t know why. Skip thinks LeBron is too preoccupied with being loved to answer the tough questions.

“The bottom line for me has always been that LeBron has always been too nice a guy to be considered in the GOAT conversation. Always wanted to be loved too much to be considered in the GOAT conversation.”

Skip Bayless has virtually made a career out of ripping LeBron James. This year, that may have been justified. The Lakers were a complete dumpster fire.

While Skip will continue to be LeBron’s biggest critic, LeBron is more interested in something else. The Lakers have to find a new head coach. After missing this year’s NBA playoffs, LeBron is far more focused on his team than on Skip Bayless.

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