The Kardashians are currently in a courtroom battle with Blac Chyna. Her relationship with Rob Kardashian has a lot to do with it. Now there are reports of his daughter, Dream, bagging $50,000 from an ad.

Kardashian attorney Michael Rhodes asked Blac why she was suing the famous family for millions, reported The Sun. The attorney pointed out that Kris Jenner did a very nice thing recently. That nice thing being cast for an Amazon advertisement that would bag the toddler a whopping $50,000.

Fans were blown away by the huge sum of money involved with a kid who is just 5. Some of the fans took to Reddit and posted their views on it. The main post read: “The K’s children earn more than most of the population annually just for standing next to their grandma!”

Another wrote, “I’m sure Kris has Dream set up for life (knowing her parents).” A second posted: “I’ve never been more jealous of a child.” A third Redditor mocked the Kardashians by saying “Done a nice thing? Lmao, what????” Another person slammed the attorney instead by saying, “Their lawyer is a dirty shark.”


The Kardashians are currently battling Blac in court in a controversial $100million lawsuit over Blac’s “ruined” TV career. Chyna was asked a series of questions about her income streams and alleged financial woes in court. The opposition pointed out her luxurious lifestyle questioning why would she demand such a hefty amount from the family.

It’ll be a tough decision as to which party will come out as the winner in this intense court battle. Both sides have produced ample questions but very few can make sense of the entire situation. We will have to wait and see how the case pans out to be.

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